Award received

National Technological Awards in 2018
Second prize of National Technological Invention Award
Key technology and industrialized application of oil and gas pipeline system integrity
Second prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award
Well drilling and completion technology and application for complex carbonate oilfield in highly acidic and active thick asphalt formation
High efficient catalyst and technology package for the value-added conversion of dilute ethylene
Stress corrosion cracking and fatigue resistance technology and application for special surface impact strengthening
Chinese Patent Awards in 2018
Silver Award of Chinese Patent Award
Method and composite solvent to separate aromatics by extraction and distillation
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization and the catalyst that contains such component and its application
Sliding sleeve fracturing module, facility to use that module and the application of such facility
A high-temperature-resisted cleansing emulsion or micro emulsion fracture fluid and its production method
Honorable Mention of Chinese Patent Award
Method for double bond isomerization of butene
Hydrogenation catalyst for purifying crude TPA
An offshore multi-dimensional jack-up oil drilling platform
A hydrophobic silica gel for oil and gas recovery